Booker Jabs Biden on Marijuana at the Democratic Debate: Are You High?

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker took aim at former vice president Joe Biden at dominated the Democratic field in black support. But on the issue of marijuana legalization, his views appear to trend more conservative than most Democratic voters. According to a

This Is Why Black Voters Dont Trust Mayor Pete Buttigieg

When South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg first entered the race, to be honest, I was mesmerized. He struck me as young, but brilliant. He spoke with compassion for the least of these and, led by his faith, he invoked the kind of Christianity long missing from the national discourseone that is inclusive, wrapped in love and equality, and that believes the test of us brings out the best in us. That he is gay and married was of no consequence to me, although I knew it would be for some. I wanted to believe that he would be the sort of candidate who challenged us to higher ground, but met us at our point of need. He has spent nearly …