Greg Gutfeld: Biden is ‘toast’ after latest campaign hiccup

Are former Vice President Joe Biden‘s presidential hopes ‘toast’?

The Five” discussed Biden’s “flip-flop” Friday on the Hyde Amendment, and co-host Greg Gutfeld voiced his thoughts, saying this latest hiccup may push the Democratic presidential frontrunner “out the door.”

“I think he is actually toast, I really do, I think that this is going to push him out the door.  The more people see of him the less they like him,” Gutfeld said.


Biden reversed course on the Hyde Amendment, telling his supporters: “Health care is a right. I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone’s zip code.”

The Hyde Amendment, named for former Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion procedures except in special cases like saving the life of the mother.

A report in The Atlantic magazine claims Biden’s campaign staff successfully convinced him to change his position.

Also in the report, activist and actress Alyssa Milano spoke to Biden campaign manager Greg Schultz over the phone, urging him to have the former Delaware senator change.

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Co-host Dana Perino addressed “Who’s the Boss?” actress Milano’s role in the latest drama, making a quip that “she might be the boss.”

Gutfeld also weighed in on her influence.

“The way he read that … that was essentially Alyssa Milano in drag, she put the thumb on him,” Gutfeld said.

The Greg Gutfeld Show” host also chastised Democrats for not understanding the Hyde Amendment.

“The Democrats need an adult in the room to explain the absolute necessity of the Hyde Amendment,” Gutfeld said. “You have your abortion, all the Hyde amendment is doing is preserving civility between people who think abortion is murder people who don’t, or people who think it’s murder or don’t care.”


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Co-host Jesse Watters weighed in on Biden’s “evolving” opinions and noted that Biden, while leading i n polls among 2020 Dem contenders, has struggled out of the gate.

“Maybe he will flip-flop on the Iraq war. Also remember what he said about giving health care to illegal immigrants,” Watters said.

“It hasn’t been smooth despite the fact that the media keeps saying this guy has had a great launch. I think this launch has been awful.”

Fox News’ Charles Creitz contributed to this report.

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